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XYT TEXTILE Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, today we focus on the development of design, scale of production, brand and marketing in a large modern enterprise, and is gradually becoming one of China's leading textile enterprises.
The product and brand profile includes socks, stockings and underwear in the “APEY”, “FIDO DIDO”, “ULTRAMAN”, “CLARE CLAIRE”, “The Royal Fort (NEGACASS)”, “Mi-Di (MITI)”, and several other quality brands.

High-quality innovation

XYT TEXTILE have strong and committed sales networks, high-quality product quality assurance processes, world class distribution systems and efficient management and operations, that have made XYT TEXTILE the company it is today.

We provide domestic and foreign business needs, through innovation, new product development and design to transform and optimize the traditional knitting industry.

We have strengthening the operation, by commitment to the development and perfection of our own systems, through management and employee training.

High-quality equipment

The company has the world's most advanced equipment, including Italian Waji computers, South Korean "brothers" double needle machine, Taiwan's "health" campaign Waji towels, Taiwan's "great health" Waji-wide computer and a full set advanced textile production equipment.

Supported by 20 senior technicians, and 400 professionals, manufacturing high-grade products including men's and women's, embroidered work, professional sports, girls fashion, casual, woollen, ski and students socks, stockings and underwear. These are all designed to customer requirements.

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